Over the years we've seen some incredible people write incredible stories. Here's a selection of our favourites.


Pam Bland

I’ve been training with Mike for about 3yrs and I can honestly say it has changed my life. I have always had problems with my weight and spent a lot of my adult life morbidly obese and I did no regular exercise.  Since having Mike as my personal trainer I have completed Marathons, Sprint Triathlons, Assault Courses and the Long Course, which are all the Ironman distance disciplines carried out on consecutive days. Mike is passionate about fitness and it shows through the energy and enthusiasm he brings to every session.  His easy going, friendly personality creates a relaxed comfortable atmosphere which has helped develop my confidence. He makes each workout challenging, creative and most importantly, fun! Mike not only motivates but has also inspired me to push past my perceived limits to reach my goals.

 After reaching my target weight I managed to maintain it for a couple of years but have struggled to maintain it recently. Thanks to my regular sessions with Mike, and his support we have been able to bring it back into control and am not getting back down to my target weight. The support that Mike provides outside the actual training sessions has been invaluable from providing nutrition plans, training plans, support at events and even the odd “Step away from the cakes!” phone call.
Thank you Mike, you are the best!

Pam Bland

Saskia Phillips

When my friend from Texas called me a “Butter Ball” I knew it was time to act!!!! Despite my husband telling me for years to stick a pair of trainers on and go running up the hill, I could never quite motivate myself to do it. However since starting weekly training sessions with Mike which include a variety of exercises, I have surprised myself (and even my husband) with my progress and enthusiasm for exercise.   Not only have I lost weight and toned up but I also seem to have a lot more energy than before - bring on the bikini! 



Lynne Allbutt

I was lucky enough to benefit from some training sessions and lots of advice from Mike during 6 months preparation for a major fitness Challenge, running 51 miles across Wales barefoot.  As well as general cardio and strength training (which came in many innovative and engaging guises) he was able to advise on the barefoot running technique which proved invaluable.

I have the utmost respect for Mike - not only does he have an in depth knowledge of fitness, nutrition and well being, he is an absolute Master of the psychological aspect of training too which is essential for success. 

Mike was a major contributor to my being able to run into the history books by becoming the first person to run across Wales barefoot; I highly recommend working with him - with him on your side you cannot fail to achieve your fitness goals!

Megan Peake

The personal training sessions always seem fresh. Training sessions are carefully thought through and enjoyable. If I have any questions, i feel comfortable to contact Mike. Mike is friendly, attentive and dedicated personal trainer. I can clearly see my posture and body shape has improved. I have a flatter stomach, have lost more weight than I believed I was capable of doing and I feel great. Mikes advises me in the area of diet and nutrition which makes the job of losing weight much easier and much faster.

Kim Skyrme

I started training with Mike at the beginning of the year and have to say MJ Fitness is a great investment. Having undergone a foot operation last year my fitness levels were pretty low but Mike has worked with me to push me as far as possible whilst being sympathic to my recovery..and he makes it fun!

I am now back running, biking and even started canoeing as a result. My fitness levels are back to when I was in my 20's and I am feeling healthier, happier and most of all leaner. Whatever your fitness levels or goals Mike will inspire you to achieve them so I would definitely recommend MJ Fitness